June 25th, 1937 to April 6th, 2007


WAYNE and his soul-mate JUDY

Wayne in the Shop October of 2006.

This picture was taken by a customer in their shop in Apache Junction, AZ.

Sonja, thank you so much for providing us with this wonderful photo of Wayne!!

Missed by so many.......

Though I do not know all there is to know about the wonderful Locksmith Wayne Barber, I do know....

He was the most wonderful, patient, loving teacher and friend anyone could ever ask for.  When Wayne discovered he had Lung Cancer he offered to teach me his trade. Wayne had been a locksmith for over 40 years and though I'd been one of Wayne's regular customers for several years, always locking myself outta the home and office, and he often frequented my place of employment handing out business cards and enjoying a bit of AC on a hot Arizona Summer's Day with his cup of coffee...(but shhhhh....don't let his wife know he was drinking coffee instead of water) I was not quite sure what to think of the opportunuty he was offering me. It was too good to be true...there had to be a catch, some ulterior motive, why me...why would he come to ME...of all people... not to mention I am a Girl....and offer me what seemed to be too good to be true? He told me that he'd never met another person with work ethics and honesty like himself...until me. He explained that there are always people in need of Locksmiths and there are people who will always take advantage of those situations, and he knew in his heart I would always be fair and honest.

Thus began our journey, and he took me under his wing and true to his word, he taught me as much as he could in the time he had left. On our final day in the field together I had to force him to go home early.  He kept argueing and saying "we have more jobs to do, I am running out of time...I have so much more to teach you!" He begrudgingly went home that Friday afternoon, and entered a Hospice House the very next day.  Though literally on his Death Bed, he would call me each day and tell me what kinds of locks he wanted me to bring to his bedside so he could continue to teach me.  Of course it was always followed with..."but don't let Judy know what we're doing!"

I was there, on "Good Friday" April 6, 2007 at 2:03 AM, when Wayne took his last breathe, though I selfishly did not want him to go...I know he is in a better place. He was surrounded by his Family and several very close Friends at that same moment in time and I know he is missed by each and everyone of us, as well as a GREAT many Customers.  I still hear stories from customers about how he helped them in their time of crisis, not only as a Locksmith, but with the Understanding and Compassionate ear of a person who truly cared.

His wife Judy worked by his side in the "Shop" for many, many years and has been a God Send to me in times of need. She has become more like a sister than a friend, and I am thankful for her presence in my life and the laughs we share together!

I want to say THANK YOU to JUDY and to everyone at SECURITY PLUS, INC. for putting up with me, and for being so supportive and helpful!!  Wayne said, if there was anyone I could depend on it was all of you, and he was right...You're all GREAT and I truly appreciate all you have done for me!!

To all you gals at the Village Inn in Apache Junction and Taylor Rays in Mesa, you always made Wayne's day a better one.

Wayne gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, and taught me the skills needed to carry on in his foot steps. Though I will never be able to fill his footsteps, I am Grateful and Appreciate the opportunity to continue in his footsteps, and for the faith he had in me.

He once said to me "Girl, to doubt yourself, is to doubt me." 


                             Red Mountain Park Balloon Release April, 2008.

Preparing our Balloons.

  Judy's Release

Thank you to all who attended this Special Event in Honor of Wayne's Memory on the 1st Anniversary of his Departure. We each released several Balloons with our personal messages to Wayne written on them. Should you ever find one of these Balloons we would love to hear from you.

05/30/2019...still missing you Wayne...thank you for everything you taught me and for helping me become the Locksmith you knew I could be!!